As an incentive for healthier lifestyles from work, we have been offered myzone blaze heart rate monitors (more gadgets=win for me) its pretty cool and calculates your workouts based on your age, weight, etc (which I fed in from the smart scales I have)

Online Experimentation

talk by split use data to drive the decisions. A/B testing, multivariant – controlled experiments reduce external influences. it can allow us to distinguish from noise and real signal. measure ‘statistically significant’ detecting something meaningful. errors: false positives + false negatives design like you are right, test like you Read more…

Bath to Liverpool

We drove from Monkton Farleigh to Bath and had breakfast in the retro cafe. We then drove from Bath to Liverpool. We stayed at the Park Hotel in Aintree – we got a train from Aintree to Moorfields and went to Viva Brasil