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Jonathans blog is my blog (I’m Jonathan). I’ve been writing posts here since 2008 – in that time I have written about 1500 posts and deleted about 500 posts. On average that’s nearly 3 new post a week, every week for the last 10 years (and 1 removed post every week too). I started recording statistics in 2010 or 2011, since then I have had millions of hits (my highest ever day was 20k unique visitors back in 2012). Jonathansblog contains things that interest me in general. Lots of blog posts showing you how to do cool things with your mac and your iPhone. Things that make using then much easier and allow you to have a nicer experience.

I have a BSc in Electronic Enginnering and an MSc in Advanced Computer Systems Development (and an HND in Audio Production). I’m a professional member of the British Computer Society too (MBCS).

If you click the hamburger menu in the top left, you’ll see all the categories. Feel free to have a look about, leave a comment, or share a tweet. There are posts about lots of different things, hopefully something interests you.

There is a category dedicated to multiloquent. Multiloquent is a WordPress theme developed by myself using html5, bootstrap and bootswatch. The development category has posts about linux. Posts about php and mysql, building websites, WordPress and security are also here.

Music, music technology and using your mac to make and produce music have a dedicated area. The adventure category documents my travels. Cycling trips, walking in Scotland in the summer, drinking beer and other adventures :D

Last, but not least, I have a category dedicated to hardware hacking


Latest Posts

Blantyre Anti Aircraft Battery

There are limited opportunities for adventure during covid. This adventure took place less than 2 miles from our house, and for the government mandated 1 hour. 😳   https://blantyreproject.com/2016/12/blantyreferme-anti-aircraft-battery/

DIY Decking makeover

Our new house came with decking, but it was in need of a coat of paint. It lasted the inter fine, but was in need of some TLC. Just before lockdown I managed to get Read more…

Huawei P30 lite

It’s time for a new phone again, and I decided to get a little Huawei phone this time. So far it’s a great wee phone. Does everything my old umidigi one max did, except wireless Read more…

Corona Camp 2020

Corona Lockdown 2020. We have been WFH for 3 weeks, Olivia is starting to get bored (she has completed netflix) I decided to put up the tent after reading about a guy walking the west Read more…