Metasploit for website pentest

Metasploit for website pentest using wmap. This is a short tutorial on using the wmap module inside metasploit. Wmap is a web application scanner that runs within metasploit. We can use wmap to get an outline of the application we are probing.

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Start dvwa inside vagrant

In this tutorial I’ll be using the excellent dvwa in vagrant as my lab-based target as not to harm any real machines (and also because it can be started when I need it and stopped when I don’t – meaning that I don’t run a vulnerable system on my network if I don’t need to)

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  1. Will Meek

    Great writeup Jonathan!

    Only caveat I found was that the url needed to be an IP, even though sites are resolved to IPs.

    And File/Dir testing at the ‘404’ stage takes forever! :)

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