M-business Security Threats

M-business Security Threats:

Device as an attack vector

with mobile devices widespread they are commonly being used as attack vectors


While not many viruses exist for mobile devices themselves, mobile devices are being used to speed viruses inside networks as most mobile devices don’t have antivirus software installed

Default Settings

Default settings in most mobile devices are poor: passwords are not enabled by default for a start.


Any device with a network card can be used to gather information on a wireless network that could be used to exploit the network.

Insertion attacks

(rogue access points) it is relatively easy to setup an access point to fool users into connecting thinking that the access point is part of a genuine network. once connected, attackers can gather information / login credentials / install backdoors, etc.

Physical attacks

People loose devices, devices get stolen. the devices can then be used to gain access to a network.


As wireless networks are transmitted, traffic can be passively ‘sniffed’ with a network card to gain sensitive information


(Denial of service) – bombarding a service with informational to stop it being used by legitimate users.

O/S Vulnerabilities

mobile Operating systems are relatively new, many have vulnerabilities.

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