I like the radio, Its not like the TV – with the radio you can listen to it while you do other things (unless you are recording, mixing or mastering =) things like checking emails, sending replies to messages on the numerous social networking sites and generally all the other Read more…


Everyone’s itunes does it. you get massive visualisations at gigs. im experimenting in proper visuals for my gigs – I play ableton in a band. I have yet to find a visualisation program that takes input from your soundcard and generates the visualisations based on whats coming into that input. Read more…

Mastering tracks

Mastering tracks – Ok, so the hard part is done. you’ve written, demoed, practiced, arranged in countless different ways, recorded, re-recorded, mixed, re-mixed and finally scrapped and done all that again, you have a handfull of songs. your not happy with them (noone ever is). now the hard part starts. Read more…


well, I now have a way to make tutorial videos, and this is really the last in a series of tests for me, this is the test of getting my video from youtube and generating a page with the video in it, its not yet working properly on the homepage – i need to put an if statement in the code to check if the file is a video instead of a picture.
it should be working on the front page as well, and the story should be ok in the categories, but the single page video is borked =P

this video is just me running an ableton session so that i could make a video of it and test everything…

Abelton tutorial number 6 – using reason inside abelton

if your like me, then you love using abelton, but you also love making drum beats with reason.
you can use your reason drumbeats (and anything else you have) inside abelton.

its an easy process once you know how to do it, and you can save the setup as a template, so that when you open abelton its already wired for use with reason.

so fire up abelton and lets get going.

basically im going to show you with pictures how to :
1) create new audiotracks
2) set the input to reason
3) wire up reason so that the individual drum sounds have a channel inside abelton
4) save the setup as a template
5) record the drums from reason inside abelton

so, on with part 1

make a few audio tracks (ctrl+t)


Ooooh, rancid are gonna (hopefully) release a new album i just ripped this from some site that I subscribe to, and ive just fired up rancid on my winamp Rancid is working on a new album that is expected to drop around the same time the punk-rockers dive into their Read more…