My wish list for 2010

I have a wish list of equpiment for this year.

it is as follows:

line 6 spider IV 75W guitar amp

krk vxt 4 or 6 (depending on how long I can wait to get them)

krk rp10s sub

make some bass traps for my room, and a couple of helmholtz styled accoustic treatment block things I can hang on my wall and roof.

set of akg k240 headphones

rode nt2

couple of mic stands, some xlr cables, guitar leads

put my guitars in and get them serviced (all 6 of them)

fix the wiring on my 6 string bass

get some ortlieb panniers for my bike =)

power drill (to make my accoustic treatment stuff)

make a desk thats taller than the one I have (I like to stand when recording and mixing)

the list will be added to, but this is the stuff I need this year. first up are the monitors, then the drill and accoustic treatment, then the guitar amp and getting the guitars an MOT (my ibanez is now 24 years old) then the rest of the stuff.

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