Osx mountain lion 10.8.2 is out now!

Osx mountain lion 10.8.2 is now out.
it brings facebook integration, and hopefully a proper fix for the batter issues that were introduced in 10.8.0

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  1. jazznick

    Following a Mac OSX “software update” that came through the usual way 2 weeks ago my Time Machine Backups froze
    mid backup. Forums said that this was common but 10.8.2 solved the problem. Reluctantly, and feeling this was a problem of Apple’s making, I forked out for the upgrade to 10.8.2.
    Time Machine works again, but now I get about 3 hrs out of my MBP (Mid 2009) and also get a Service Battery message.
    Battery has done 487 cycles but should be 1,000 before replacement !!
    Done the recondition cycle (despite Apple saying the battery is pre-conditioned) – no joy.

    Is this a case of apple getting work for the dealers to do and shifting a few batteries ? /sarc off.

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