Part 7 jura to colonsay

This morning there was wind on jura, so the midgies were hiding! we packed up our tents at ten past eight and hopped back to islay on the ferry.
we then waited for another, much bigger and much fancier boat to take us, and half of islay, to colonsay.

when we arrived the weather was perfect. blue sky sun shining and no midgies!

we cycled the wrong way to the beach, so did 9 miles instead of 3. it was worth it though, the beach here is fantastic.

after we set up our tents in probably the best camping spot in scotland we headed back to the port to go to the brewery and get some beers. yes, colonsay has a brewery. it calls itsself the smallest island in the world with a brewery.

we got shown round the brewery, which was small, but pretty cool, and got our beers. we then went to the shop to buy dinner.

we had prime aberdeen angus burgers, waffles and smoked cheese in pita breads that we washed down with our colonsay beer.

its only half eight at night and I could fall asleep at any minute. there is no noise here at all. except for the crashing of the, probably 2km long, waves in the bay. the sky is still blue.

mull tomorrow. hopefully no midgies.

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