Some minor improvements

Ive made some small improvements to the site – mostly to the layout of articles  –

ive moved the (mostly redundant) images to below the excerpts and the actual content of the posts – I did this for two reasons – one is that it keeps most of the content above the page fold and the other is to see if more people stay on the site for longer =)

I have increased the font size of the <li> items – that way when I create a list it is more obvious in the page

I have removed the adsense ad on the single opsts pages – they werent converting anyway.

I have put the title of the article in the box where the advert used to be (I also gave it an <h1> tag instead of the h2 it had – a little bit more SEO)

Ive added the top 3 most popular posts to the side bar

I still have things to change, but I will leave it like this for a couple of months to see what works best then ill make a couple more changes to see if they work or not.

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