Todays apple event: hoping for an ipad mini

In a little over 9 hours apple will host a press event.
Hopefully they announce an ipad mini.
they might even announce a 13 inch retinal macbook pro

Im hoping for an ipad mini with a retina display.
I think that if apple dont release a smaller ipad then ill have to get a google nexus 7 or a kindle fire HD.

I have a lot of ebooks and I used to use my ipad to read them a lot.
I didnt use the ipad for much more, except reading my rss feeds with reeder and reading my email. but for those tasks the original ipad was fantastic, if a little big.

when the ipad2 and the ipad3 were released I did consider them, but I felt that the price for what I was using them for was a bit excessive (I have an iphone 4s and a 2012 macbook air, so all my ‘mobile’ things are done on my phone and all my ‘computery’ things are don on my macbook air)

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