West Island Way, sort of

08:00: we started at partick, tried to get a full breakfast at morissons, it was shut, so we got the train to central.

08:30 went to costa in central station, I got a caramel latte, zoe got a pint of tea and the biggest jammie dodger you have ever seen.

08:55 train to wymess bay

10:00 ferry to rothesay

11:00 got off the ferry at rothesay then we started walking towards ardbeg, passed through port bannatyne and took a left towards ettrick bay. stopped at a stone circle looking down on ettrick bay, then walked to the bay itsself, we walked round the bay and had lunch: italian ham in tigerbread rolls and atea for zoe anda coffee for me – thanks to the jetboil. must have been about 13:00 ish

we then headed for st ninians bay and arrived at about 16:30.
had a wee explore then set up the tent and made a fire.
we cooked baked potatoes and some chicken and mushroom pasta and had some birds and bees beer :)
now its sunset, 21:38 and sleep!

album of photos is on flickr

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