2023 State of Operational Technology

2023 State of Operational Technology – Ben White Fortinet

All about automated tech for delivering, picking, packing items etc

These systems also need security, updating, etc

Fortinet have a report on this tech and the changes etc so that they can understand whats going on.

Op Tech Security is moving under the CISO in the next 12 months if its not already there

with NIST2 lots of new things fall under it, eg Manufacturing R&D, etc

all about risk management and safety systems – but more and more IT becoming responsible for the mitigation of the risk (and hence CISO) but still have local requirements (eg personnel on the site)

Looking for OT solutions that identify vulns. In IT you patch, in OT you cant see the systems to reboot, eg the control room is in a different location from the device (think a windfarm, or a water treatment plant)

more and more the airgapped OT control systems are being asked to put in an asset discovery tool that needs a constant connection to a cloud platform

vendors are getting certified for operation in specific environments, which then means the company operating in that environment can start to converge on a single vendor for multiple things, eg firewall, endpoint etc

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