Abelton tutorial number 6 – using reason inside abelton

Abelton tutorial number 6 – using reason inside abelton, If your like me, then you love using abelton, but you also love making drum beats with reason.
you can use your reason drumbeats (and anything else you have) inside abelton.

its an easy process once you know how to do it, and you can save the setup as a template, so that when you open abelton its already wired for use with reason.

so fire up abelton and lets get going.

basically im going to show you with pictures how to :

  1. create new audiotracks
  2. set the input to reason
  3. wire up reason so that the individual drum sounds have a channel inside abelton
  4. save the setup as a template
  5. record the drums from reason inside abelton

so, on with part 1

make a few audio tracks (ctrl+t)

hit the ‘Audio from’ menu, pick Reason

do that to all your tracks.

change the monitor mode from Auto to IN

using reason inside abelton

a good idea is to name the tracks =)

next thing to do is to open reason.

im using an old version of reason (because I paid for it and its all I really need)
the first thing to do in reason is to delete all the instruments and flip to the back (tab)

create a new redrum.
wire it up so that each drum track has its own channel on the master out

back to abelton – ive added 10 tracks and set them up so that each output from reason has its own track.

save the live set somewhere useful, like your desktop, save is as something like abelton_reason_template
also remember to save the reason session aswell, so that you dont need to ire that up again!
that way you dont need to do it every time you want drums in reason.

your now good to go.

all you have to do to record the sound from reason into your abelton is to hit the record arm buttons in the tracks you want to record and hit the record button at the top of abelton and the drum tracks are recorded into abelton.

once you get the hang of it then you can do mad things, like this:

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