How to use a playstation pad to control abelton

This is a sneaky little one – How to use a playstation pad to control abelton (or any joystick) by using the joystick as a midi controller (you can control any other music making program that can do midi using this method too)

I use a playstation pad to play oldschool games on my pc (using zsnes emulator) ive got one of those little usb convertor thingies so the playstation pad gets recognised as a regular joystick by my machine..

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  1. cheft

    Johnathan, thanks for the tips. But have you been able to save your settings?
    Every time I open MJoy I must reenter the controls. It seems clicking on the icon with a disk and pen isn’t working.
    Have you gotten this to work?

  2. cheft

    I also use a program called Rejoice.
    But I have had some stability issues with it.

    I found
    but haven’t had time to test.

    If you are willing to pay there is a vst app Mijoy and a standalon app

    Did MJoy save any type of config file?
    Do you have the older version? What was changed in the .56 version?

    I emailed you but that email looked suspiciously fake.

  3. jonathan

    lol, it was me that emailed you, though i just noticed that i did it from another account =| I should have done it from the account here, that actually has my name and my domain name in it =)

    but, yes, I have figured out a way to save

    basically you just set up the controls, and then click on the dropdown box underneath presets, then type something in. then hit the save button =)

    it will create a file with the extension .MJoy and whatever you typed in the box =)

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