This is a short linux bluetooth scanning tutorial with some tools you can use in backtrack linux (now kali linux) or any distribution you prefer to perform bluetooth scans. Its not comprehensive, but will show you the tools that you need to get started searching for nearby devices.

linux bluetooth scanning tutorial.


Used to do stuff with bluetooth.

hcitool dev

Will tell you what devices you have installed.

hcitool -i hci0 scan

Will start a ‘scan’ for bluetooth devices using interface hci0.

If you have more than one bluetooth device [eg, a built-in one and a usb dongle] then you can do some pretty cool things:

You can [using backtrack 5] goto:

  • applications > backtrack > information gathering > network analysis > bluetooth > bluediving

This is an awesome program.
Once you have your two bluetooth devices plugged in there are many tools available inside this program:

  • scanning for apple devices.
  • scanning for phones.
  • scanning for laptops.
  • getting information on the above.
  • and a whole lot more.

There are others available.

  • applications > backtrack > information gathering > network analysis > bluetooth > btscanner

Is probably better to find devices.
It’s like kismet, but for bluetooth.
It will also log everything it finds to the ~/bts folder. =)