Community. Im sitting right now participating in a video shoot for a local band called rose parade. when I say participating I really mean watching. and singing ‘da da da da’ when needed :) it has made me realise that there is a decent community in ayr. its not all musicians; everyone here is a musician in their own right, but we arent all here in that capacity. Campbell is here in the capacity of ‘camera guy’ jamie is here in the capacity that only he can provide; he is also the journalist for his new column in the local paper. rose parade are here to provide the tunes. the rest of us are to proved the massed chorus chants.

I hope that this community continues to grow because it has came from nothing. it has a long way to go; but it will get there.

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  1. Jamie McGeechan

    A great piece Jonathan, I agree with you on all counts,
    with regards,

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