Cyber security and id management using blockchain

This is a very interesting panel on cyber security and id management / user verification using blockchain technologies

its a lot of high level topics, and a few of the companies exibiting have product that addresses the topic

ID verification seems to be a hugh topic here – for finance and even for logging in to websites (think blockchain SSO) – I suppose it all depends on adoption in the wider industry whether these products take off

The last ten mins is about ‘mad future visions’ which should be interesting – how will this technology change the world, based on the security it provides to the general consumer’

– going through an airport without having to queue because the airport knows who you are

– not using passwords any more (this is a huge thing in the future, user aithentication today is terrible)

– not using centralised servers

– protecting from attacks (eg enumerating user credentials, stealing databases, rainbow attacks) they will be made irrelevant

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