Yesterday we decided to try quad biking, so danie, ronnie and me headed to aberfoyle, we left the girls watching films in the lodge.
wedrove to aberfoyle and went to the tourist information and got directions to easterhill farm. so we headed out from aberfoyle, back along the way we came, then took a right and headed to gartmore. at the end of gartmore we took a right again, along a single-track road for a few miles. no sign of easterhill farm. so we did a u-turn and went back into gartmore to get directions from the black bull pub.
we went out of gartmore again and took a left this time, then headed a mile down the road and took a right then a left. right back in to the place we were staying. easterhill farm was behind our lodges :|
we got to the farm and they told us we needed to book :(
so we went back to thelodge and went for a walk to the black bull in gartmore.
we had a good few drinks then phoned a taxi, went back to the lodge and phoned an indian takeaway :)



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