I have a digi 003 =)

ive been saving for a while. I wanted a digi 003. so I got one. ive been to the pub about three times since june, but it was worth it. I finally got my 003. I got the factory bundle (that was all they had) basically, if you dont know what a digi 003 is, its like a mini control24, and if you dont know what a control24 is, then, um, its a big mixer thingy for protools =P

the 003 only has 4 xlr preamped inputs, and 4 line inputs (the 003 rack has 8 xlr pre’s). but it has adat, so I can add 8 channels of preamp goodness to it later on.

it has motorised faders. which make automation very fast. very fast indeed. it also has pans, etc transport controls, loads of buttons for loads of things, and a vegas mode =P

it came with protools 8 and a host of other cool stuff (a crapload of plugins too). Ive yet to record anything with it (im saving that for the weekend) just now im digging up a few old sessions and getting acualinted with the control surface. anyway, better get back to playing, um, I mean learning =)

(oh, I also bought a casio 12 megapixel exelim camera, thats where the photo came from =)

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