Some free (legit) au, rtas, tdm and vst plugins

i just found a site (well, I re-found it in my bookmarks) that has listings for free plugins – au, vst, rtas and tdm ones for mac, and rtas, tdm and vst for pc

there are a few good ones – most you will probably have already, like the free bombfactory ones

im trying out bitter sweet just now, not sure about it, but sounds interesting.

also, if you dont already have it, get the sansamp psa-1 its pretty basic, but sometimes its exactly what you need on a track =) – and its better than the free version of eleven (in most cases)

also, id recommend the roger nichols inspector free – its a spectrum analyser. if you dont know what it is, or what its for , then basically its a real time graph of the frequencies playing (especially good when your mixing and mastering =)

if you know of any other good free mac rtas plugins (not cracked ones) then please post a comment cos I love trying out new stuff =)

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