This post will show you how to install redmine mylyn connector in zend studio or eclipse.

firstly you need to configure redmine:

  1. update your redmine to the latest version [see instructions here]
  2. install redmine mylyn connector in redmine [see instruction here]

once your redmine is updated and the plugin installed you have to setup zend studio / eclipse:

  1. add the redmine mylyn source to zend studio / eclipse
    • help > install new software > add >
  2. make sure ‘eclipse’ sources are enabled if you are running zend studio
  3. install zend studio / eclipse plugin for redmine
    • help > install new software > select ‘all available sites’ >
    • type redmine > select the redmine mylyn plugin
  4. restart zend studio / eclipse

once redmine is updated / configured and your eclipse / zend studio are setup you can add your redmine task repo to zend studio / eclipse

  1. window > show view > other > mylyn > tasks list
    • click on the little icon (top left) that looks like a page with a + in it
    • this opens the ‘add repository’
  2. you can also get here by going to:
    • window > show view > other > mylyn > task repositories > right click > add new repository
  3. you can now configure your repository
    • click ‘redmine’ > next >
    • enter your redmine servers url
    • tick the ‘api key’ and paste in your api key from your redmine account page
      • [login to your account on redmine and goto ‘my account’ – in the side bar there is a heading for ‘api key’ with a link called ‘show’ if you click this then you will see the api key]

you are now ready to add tasks :D