How to stop iphone screen rotating flipping or turning

How to stop iphone screen rotating flipping or turning

This post will show you how to stop iphone screen rotating when you turn your device on its side.

I just found the most important feature about the new iphone. It’s called ‘portrait orientation lock’. It stops the screen from flipping when you turn the phone on its side.

You know the situation. You are reading on the sofa, or sitting in bed, and the screen on your phone flips round because you are holding the device at an angle. You just triggered the motion sensors. The frustrating part is that when it happens, you have to move and shake your phone or ipad to get it to go back to normal. When it happens the first time its OK, but when it happens a lot it’s frustrating.

Portrait orientation lock in iOS

In ios7 the portrait orientation lock button has moved and is now on the control-center screen. This has stayed for iOS 8 and iOS9.

To access the control-center:

  • Swipe from the bottom of your screen upwards
    (like you do for the notification center at the top of your screen)
  • You will now see the control center with lots of icons and options.
  • By default portrait orientation lock is the last icon in the first row.
  • If its enabled it will have a white outline.

iphone stop screen flipping

With portrait orientation lock enabled your screen content will not flip when you rotate your iphone or ipad :)

iOS6 and Below

To stop your device from flipping about all over the place in iOS 6 and below; follow these simple instructions:

  • Double click the home button
    the one with the square on it on your phone / ipad / ipod touch.
  • This takes you to the ‘multitasking’ part.
  • Swipe right on the icons at the bottom.
  • The first icon has a padlock on it.
  • Click it.

You can now use your iphone without the screen flipping!!!!!

You can lock the screen using this technique in either portrait or landscape mode.
To disable the lock, simply click the padlock icon again.
Your iphone will return to normal flipping mode :)

Edit: check here for a post about how to use your iPad’s side switch for portrait orientation lock

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