MetaSploit tutorial for beginners

Once you have practiced and mastered this pattern, you can perform most of the tasks within Metasploit. As this is a MetaSploit tutorial for beginners, I’ll walk you through the steps you need to know to scan your first machine.

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Start the database service

In your favourite Kali Linux Terminal (I recommend terminator), run the following command to start up a database server on your machine. This database is used to store all your results (so that you can come back to them later on, or share the database with others if working on a team)

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    1. 312.

      Then nobody to run anything against to.

  1. siddhesh jadhav

    hey i am using kali 2.0 , I would like to use msf over wan or public domain . will you please suggest or make good article on it . thanks in advance

  2. Anthony

    ok thank you so much for the help i just have one question how do i find the rports

  3. Rio

    how do i know which exploit to grab?

  4. NE0

    typo on database start command, should be

    service postgresql start

        1. jonathan

          I had restored a previous revision and it reinstated the typo :)
          It should be good for now

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