NCSC Excercise in a box launch

Online tool to help you judge your cyber resilience and provide training

The tool is available on the NCSC website. It’s available for free and helps an organisation practice in a safe environment.

It’s taken a year to build, can be used by technical and non technical staff.

The system provides info, scenarios, and feedback for you to train your organisation to build cyber resilience.

The head of the NCSC took over and gave an intro as to why the NCSC wanted to build a system like this.

The scenarios are intended to be realistic and can be used to train a board and regular employees

There are various themes to the scenarios, with each theme containing a number of simulated attacks.

Its currently aimed towards local government and SME’s with a plan to expand in future.

We then went on for a walkthrough of their system.

Its basically a CTF for non technical people :)

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