New wordpress theme! html5 stuff – geolocation, nav, article, section

I made a new wordpress theme. It uses a couple of html5 things, like the <nav> tag, <section> and <article> too.

I have tidied up the stylesheet (I started again) so that it is more readable – it still has a lot of work to do on it, and im not sure I like the font!

hopefully I will be able to add the geolocation stuff, but I have to clean up some code first to make sure that it gets off on the right foot =)

I kept the mootools menu I had from before, but tweaked it slightly – its not ideal for google to crawl, but it looks nce. tradeoff =)

the google adverts are still the old colours, but I might leave them like that because it is obvious they are google ads!

I also changed all the links from yellow to blue. I liked the yellow, so I might change them back, im not sure yet.

ive tried to make it as easy to read as possible for humans, and googlebot. if you have any suggestions, then please comment =)

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