Php stuff. mod rewrite and a custom url parser.

Well. I have to make a new website. I actually have about ten to do. we are making big changes to our system. we are taking all of the code out of the docroot and are having a few classes that extend the classes inside the core of the system (accessable by php but not by apache) this way all of the sites we make will share the same core set of classes and a change or bug fix in these core classes will fix the bug in every site, instead of the way we do it now, which is to edit every site. we will have to make it customisable and fast. but for now we just have to make it work :) once I have the back end going I will need to migrate the current sites over to the new backend but keep their front ends. I also need to mess about with their databases, though the database is pretty much fixed format now. we have a lot of work to do. and I have another site thats ready to launch as soon as the customer sends us their wee video for the front page ( which is the wrong place to put it, but they also had me code an rss feed from an external site into a box and didnt let me take the content and render it to a local file, so every time you load their front page it fetches the rss feed which is slow as hell) talking of speed issues I also need to run the YSlow on all the sites im building !