So, I downloaded the new pennywise cd from myspace a couple of days ago
go grab it form

this is the second time ive listened to it now, the first time I listened I thought ‘wow’ they have made a good job, the production is clean compaired to previous pw cd’s, the songs are still the same (which isnt a bad thing – its kinda like goin to mcdonalds – the burgers are always the same, but thats why you go)

the only thing that ive noticed is that all the songs are really short, but then pennywise songs usually are, this makes you want more once the tune ends, which is good

ooh, I just checked their wikipedia page, they are at #34 on the US modern Rock singles chart
here is a copy and paste of it =P

Year Title Chart positions Album
US Hot 100 US Modern Rock US Mainstream Rock UK
1993 “Homesick” Unknown Road
1994 “Tomorrow” “Tomorrow” (7″)
1995 Same Old Story About Time
1997 “Society” Full Circle
1999 Alien 36 Straight Ahead
2000 “Victim of Reality” Straight Ahead
2001 “Fuck Authority” 38 Land of the Free?
2001 “Divine Intervention” Land of the Free?
2002 “My God” Land of the Free?
2003 “Yesterdays” From the Ashes
2003 “God Save the USA” From the Ashes
2005 “Disconnect” The Fuse
2005 “Knocked Down” The Fuse
2008 The Western World 34 Reason to Believe

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