T in the park

i just got back in from t in the park, I’m charging my phone up so that I can put the pics up later on.
all I have to say is that Rage Against The Machine are fucking amaising !
by far the best band that I have ever seen. ever ever ever.
what makes it even better is that it was my birthday.
one problem with things like t in the park is that you end up getting so drunk that you forget to take pictures of everything. I did manage to get a couple of snaps from the rage pit before it all kicked off, so here is on (i ended up on the barrier, getting crushed but I didn’t take any pics from there cos I was having so much fun =)

other highlights for me were the chemical brothers and numerous other bands, but since I didn’t take pics of them or even have a program I have no idea what they were called. they were good though =)

i wanted to see aphex twin and the prodigy but they were on at the same time, and I went to the prodigy, which was excellent, not as loud as the chemical brothers, but the chemical brothers was the loudest thing I have ever heard, I’m sure it was illegally loud, but then again there was a lot of not so legal stuff going around…

I managed to get in for free, after being on the island of Islay for a weeks camping I got a text message on my phone, I had to get a ferry for 2.5 hours then travel by bus for 6 hours to get there on the guise of working, but I didnt really do any work, I stood about at a hat stall for a few hours when I wasn’t into the bands that were playing and then buggered off to see the bands that I wanted =)
the king tuts tent was fantastic, as was the future sounds tent. I never made it to the slam tent, I would have been there for aphex twin, but saw the prodigy instead.
I missed a couple of bands that id have liked to see, newton faulkner was one, and also the kings of leon and primal scream, pendulum would have been good too, but you cant do every band =(

someone got stabbed 11 times, another guy died in his tent. the guy who died in his tent had a heart attack, probably from taking a rucksack full of white powder. I hope he got to see the chemical brothers and rage against the machine.

My phone is now charged and so Ill put some pics in here, with explanations of what they were

I wish that id taken photos of every band that I saw, cos I saw loads of bands, ah well, there is always next year..

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