T in the park

i just got back in from t in the park, I’m charging my phone up so that I can put the pics up later on.

all I have to say is that Rage Against The Machine are fucking amaising !

by far the best band that I have ever seen. ever ever ever.

what makes it even better is that it was my birthday.

one problem with things like t in the park is that you end up getting so drunk that you forget to take pictures of everything. I did manage to get a couple of snaps from the rage pit before it all kicked off, so here is on (i ended up on the barrier, getting crushed but I didn’t take any pics from there cos I was having so much fun =)

other highlights for me were the chemical brothers and numerous other bands, but since I didn’t take pics of them or even have a program I have no idea what they were called. they were good though =)

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