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So I was at my grans house, helping her tidy out her attic, and she gave me a pioneer stack system. and technics speakers. record players are cool. so I gladly accepted them, and now I have a record player.
I dug out all my dads old LP’s, Neil young, Yes, the eagles, Free, Santana, the beatles, there are so many good ones.

there are about 150 or so LP’s that ive got to work my way through, and about 100 singles (there are loads of 78 singles too, but I need to fix the Telefunken downstairs to play them =) I had laughed when people said to me that vinyl sounds better than a cd. after listening to about 20 LP’s that I have as cd versions and as vinyl, I can agree with this statement. the sound quality isnt as crisp (probably cos these records are old, and so is the stylus) but the feel of the records is far better than the feel of the cd. the artwork is amaising. cd artwork can be good, but artwork on vinyl records is fantastic. the other good thing is that there isnt a shuffle, or a fastforward. you put the record on side one, and listen to it till the arm goes back to its seat, then you have to get up and turn the record over to listen to the other side. something about that makes each record like an actual experience, not like a cd, which is more of a collection of songs.

the other thing that ive noticed is the dynamics in the records – there is little (or no) compression on everything and as a result it ‘feels’ far better. im going to start mixing like this for my new metal record. I might even get a couple of vinyls made for it, just to hear it on a real record player.
im just listening to a 20 minute jam of ‘words’ from the LP ‘Journey through the past’ by neil young. its fantastic.
well, I have my work cut out for me this weekend, listening to as many records as I possibly can.

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