Gigs inside your itunes

Gigs inside your itunes. I’ve been using songkick for a while, infact, I have it integrated into my google calendar.

but this is better. it goes in to your itunes.
install it and then go to view – visualisers – ical

you put in your city, and it brings up new album releases and it brings up the upcoming gigs.
enter your country in the State box (if, like most of the planet, you dont live in the USA)
then you can export the calendar and import it into your google calendar, so that you have gig dates where ever you are, or you can just open the calendar in itunes

on a side note, I did manage to find a cool program that sync your windows media library and your itunes library.
so I re-wrote my media player library with all the information from my pristine Itunes library.
Windows media player is slow though. so im not going to use it. I’ll stick to itunes.
the program is called ‘music bridge’ and you can get it here

another one that I have found is
its not really what I was looking for – basically all I want is a list of the gigs near me from the bands in my library. I dont want recommendations, I get enough of them from friends. Id rather trust my real friends, who I know, and I know their taste in music than trust a website thats trying to recommend the latest pop song to me, when I chose that I likes Dimmu Borgir in the startup process.

anyway, Im going to stick with songkick and iconcertcal for now.

on a side note I did find a cool little program that lets you sync your itunes library and your windows media player library – so I now have my pristine Itunes library inside my windows media player. Windows media player is slow and bulky with lots of music and artwork in it though, so ill stick to itunes.
you can get the program, called musicbridge here:

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