Why are there a lack of good email clients on linux?

This was meant to be a post about the different email clients available on linux, and their various good points.

but to be honest, there arent any good email clients on linux.
there are nearly good email clients, but after using sparrow or airmail on a mac, everything else is just really poor.

you dont know what you are missing till you try a good one :(

ok, so the email clients I found were:

its far too slow. it does support lots of things, exchange, etc, but its slow, and mozilla are dropping it.

last time I used it exchange didnt work properly, that might have changed since then, but I do remember it being very painful to use, which is why I havent gone back.

kdepim things, like kmail.
kmail used to be great. when I used to use kde1.2.
then kde2 came along and kmail hasnt been as good since. its never got back to where it used to be :(

then I found geary.
modern interface, check.
fast. check.
crashes every 5 seconds. check.

ill keep checking geary and hopefully they come up with the goods :)

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