Win 98 era netscape, a 586 and the internet!

Win 98 era; netscape, a 586 and the internet!

By this time I had two computers. I had my own network. I still had the laptop. I had the null modem cable as my friend was disinterested by now, and my mums dad had given me a computer to help me with school. I was probably 15 or 16 by now. We still played games on the network. But I had windows 98. With Internet Explorer. And netscape. and a TCP/IP stack!!
There were a few websites, and BT was now an ISP. So we had the internet. I even had my first website. a subdomain on one of BT’s machines, but it was mine!

I learned to code (really poor) html. In notepad.

google was there, but Altavista was better. you couldn’t buy anything. the internet was commercial free. but you could learn about all sorts of things. you could also get the anarchists cookbook. then Napster came out. what a riot that was. I was a skater by this point, so often had a room full of my friends (10 at a time) and we would shout out random words to try to find bands. thats how I found nuclear rabbit. it took two days to download one track. I managed to get a second monitor. and I had a dual screen setup. with two S3 graphics cards. these were good times.

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