Gameboy Pocket Custom buttons mod

Gameboy Pocket Custom buttons mod

I ordered some transparent buttons for my Gameboy Pocket so that I could do my Gameboy Pocket Custom buttons mod. This post shows how to replace the buttons in your Gameboy Pocket and shows off my mod :)

Before the button mod – my Gameboy Pocket and my Gameboy advance (look out for a post on the Gameboy advance button mod)

All the things set to begin!

Opening the Gameboy Pocket

removing the screws (but keeping the ribbon cable attached) and carefully rotating the pcb to gain access to the buttons underneath

In this photo I have removed the rubber backing to the old buttons (these were new when I did my case mod, so I’ll be re-using them) and have removed the old grey buttons

New buttons have been added to the Gameboy Pocket and the case re-assembled. I needed to take it apart again as one of the buttons was sticky – I hadn’t seated the rubber things properly – so be wary of that :D

checking to see that everything works properly :)


A close-up of the buttons after they were installed.

another close-up, this time showing the power switch at the top :)

This one shows my finished Gameboy Pocket Custom buttons mod next to my Gameboy advance

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