youtube captions keep turning on after ads – permanent fix

how to permanently fix captions turning on after ads on YouTube!

this one has been bothering me for a while.captions in youtube turning themselves on automatically. even if you hit the icon to turn it off, it will be re-enabled after every advert. it quickly gets frustrating.

I noticed that there was a setting in the yt android app, which I disabled. when captions came back, I checked the settings again, and it was enabled again.

I checked in youtube on my desktop, and the same thing –  he setting was turning itsself back on.

to permanently disable closed captions for YouTube, accross all your devices, perform these steps:

without any video playing on any device

turn off caption settings on phone

settings > captions > caption preferences > off

turn off cc settings in youtube desktop

settings > playback and performance > Subtitles and Closed Captions > Untick Always show captions

sign out of YouTube app on your phone

profile pic > your account > manage accounts > click the account name > remove from device

sign out of YouTube in browser on desktop

profile pic > sign out

open YouTube app on phone and sign in again

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