Adding basecamp todos and milestones from email

Basecamp is an excellent tool to help manage projects. any type of project.
they have an account that lets you have one project for free – this post explains adding basecamp todos and milestones from email :)

one problem with basecamp is the time it takes to setup todo lists and milestones, add comments to them all so that when it comes to the time when you need to do the milestone or todo you know exactly what you need to be doing and not have to dig through your (many) thousands of emails
this post will show you how you can set up an email address using the web service that allows you to send (or forward) email that creates todos or milestones from the subject line and an accompanying comment from the body of the email.

Adding basecamp todos and milestones from email

  • sign up for basecamp
  • enable api keys
  • sign up for
  • put your basecamp api token into
  • click on the todo (or milestone) tab
  • pick your project from the dropdown list
  • tick ‘comments’
  • pick a todo list to add your mails to (if you are setting up a todo mail)
  • pick an email address

you now have an email address to forward to that will create todos or milestones in basecamp with comments.

you can combine it with a filter in your email client (eg, gmail) so that when you email yourself with ‘todo’ in the subject line it will forward a copy to that email address.

with the free service you can create upto 20 of these email addresses, so you could have, after setting up one email for ‘todo’ and one email for ‘milestone’ and one filter for ’email from myself with todo in the subject’ and another for ’email from myself with milestone in the subject’, an efficient way of getting todos and milestones into basecamp :)

you can combine that with basecamp ical feed in your google calendar and google calendar on your iphone to get an excellent overview of all your outstanding milestones :)

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