Google author tag

Google have released an ‘author’ tag. the author tag is what enables sites to have a ‘byline’ in the google search results.

this post will show you how to setup and test the new author tag so that google can (at their discretion) show a picture of you next to your site in the serps!

firstly, you need to setup your site.

you need the syntax for the author tag:

<a href="/about" rel="author">jonathan</a>

that is my author tag. it goes on every page that I have published.

on my about page, I have the following code

<a href="" rel="author">google plus</a>

you need to have your google plus account as the url, and you need the ?rel=author at the end.

once you have your site setup then you need to edit your google plus acocunt.

go to your google plus account,
click on ‘profile’
click on ‘edit’

add a link to your website to the ‘contributor to’ box in your profile.

save your profile, and then go here to check it all works.

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