An experiment with twitter trains

An experiment with twitter trains

Twitter experiment
for this experiment I made a new twitter account. I setup some basic info on the profile, sent out a tweet and uploaded a picture.

im going to join some trains and see if they work. its 10 am.

im searching google for ‘twitter train’ and going through the results

1) – broken site. there are lots of these.

2) – principle is simple – you get 5 points for following the featured users, and one point for following the normal users. the more points you have the higher up the list you are for someone else to follow you.
every time someone follows you you loose a point.

it uses oath, so you don’t give them your twitter password.
i followed 40 people on it to see what happens.

3) – only 52 registered users, but its more than follow me right now =)

instantly my timeline fills up with ‘use this site to follow more people’ type tweets. most are bots, thats how they roll.

well, I got my first follower, took 30 mins.
4) they tweeted me a site, so I joined there too, it uses oath too.

im now following 69 people.

I have two followers. its 10:33

10:45. ive not done anything since I joined the train at #4, so I guess that its (slowly) working.

remembering that all these users are useless because most of them will be bots, or spammers, or spammerbots…

after a week of doing nothing I have 22 followers, and im following 146 people. it seems to be making me follow people without giving me followers.
the only thing I can draw from this is that its better not having anything to do with these methods. they are designed to get followers, but not for you, they are designed to get followers for the people who own the trains.

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