Twitter management unfollow tools list tools and analytics

A list of some useful tools for managing your twitter accounts.
they have been divided into two categories:
1) follower management
2) analytics

1) follower management – fill in your details so that others can follow you can use 3 times a month to unfollow stale peoples – loads of things: find cool people to follow. – scan twitter following for spammers so you can remove them

2) analytics – sort of test suite to see how good you are on twitter. – stats about your twitter account! – stats, unfollow, etc gives some insight to follower stats. very useful and free =)
hootsuite – gives you some stats on retweets, etc
raven tools – impressive pro level analytics for twitter
ubervu – impressive pro level analytics for your social media campaigns. not free. – awesome site that has lots of tools to help you make twitter lists, etc.

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