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This is a sponsored post. I dont usually do sponsored posts, but this one is different (I’m getting a hat for drawing attention to this, and I think its worthwhile).

F1 isn’t doing to well just now, two teams have filed for administration [caterham and marrusia] and are missing two Grand prix. There are clearly funding problems. The cost of running an F1 team is huge.

But its not all that bad, Brabham are planning an ambitious project to bring the brabham name back to F1.
To cut a long story short, they are trying to use crowdfunding to create a new motorsport team, to compete in the lemans 24hrs, and ultimately, F1.

While thats pretty cool, the reason I accepted to do a sponsored post isn’t because its crowdfunded, its what they give you if you invest in the crowdfund…

The fund has almost reached its goal, if you want to invest –
There are some awesome things on offer, all under the umbrella of Brabham Digital

Brabham Fan


– a way to collaboratively contribute to the decision making of the team.
this in its own is properly groundbreaking – you can actually decide with the team on what they are going to do.

Brabham Engineer


– If you are really clever, you can help design the cars and components :o
you can also be involved in the decision making and strategy of the teams engineering! They will provide e-learning too, so you can learn all the cool things about F1 engineering.

Collectively, this will be a major move forward when the team gets to F1 – opening up the sport to a huge technical user base and you can be an actual part of history. I hope this catches on and more teams start doing things like this.

Brabham have a twitter account @BrabhamOfficial

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