Formula 1 apps on your iphone

Well, the F1 season is all but over. Im watching the qualifying for the brazilian GP. I suddenly thought that have not really tried to get any cool f1 stuff fro my ipod touch. time to scour the net. im writing this as I scour.
I have found this – the official formula 1 timing app but it costs £5.99 – it does have a lot of cool features – real time updates of the race positions, lap times, sector times, etc. I think that it is basically an iphone version of the formula1 online timing site with some fancy graphics.
I also have the red-bull GP app which has info about the red bull team

the f1 insider app – I got the free one =) it has countdowns till race start, info on the tracks, news, drivers and constructors standings. the free version doesnt have live feeds, so it might be worth the upgrade if you like the lite version. the marshals are inspecting the track to se if they can restart qualifying =)

I have the f1 news uk app – it has a live news feed which is pretty good (its basically an rss reader for f1 related websites, but the info is spot on.) there is a pictures section an a live chat section too
im now going to play with all my gadgets and wait for the racing to start tomorrow

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