Formula 1 live timing and live car stats

I like formula 1. I like data. I like formula 1 live timing things (the pit board screens).

This post is basically a way to max out on formula 1 data as it happens.

There are lots of cool things that formula 1 is doing with the internet.

Formula 1 live timing

Formula 1 live timing

Formula1 live timing – the official f1 timing site. The same timing screen that the pit wall crews get so you know who is setting the fastest sectors, etc.

official f1 live timing app

Official F1 iphone / ipad app

There is an iphone / ipad app too which looks amaising, though you can get all the features from the formula 1 website

sky sports f1 red button

Sky Sports F1 red button

Sky sports f1 red button – a must, with pit lane cameras, on-board cameras, pit timing, on-track positions, etc. you can pick the camera you want to watch, or watch them all from the overview screen.

official f1 live timing app

Official F1 iphone / ipad app

sky race control is a awesome. It has pit lane cameras, on-board cameras and live timing too – basically sky sports red button on your ipad / laptop

mclaren live

McLaren Live

Mclaren Live – Compares the Mclaren drivers against each other, giving their best lap and sector times, as well as current lap times and on-track positions

Ferrari pit wall

Ferrari pit-wall

There is a ferrari pit wall site which is the same idea as the mclaren live but it only offers historic lap data, not live lap data =(

Formula 1 on Twitter


My F1 Twitter list I started building a list on twitter with as many f1 people and teams as I could a few years ago, F1 teams now post loads of updates during a race, so its an excellent place to check for info

There are also lots of twitter accounts from the f1 teams:check this twitter list for lots of f1 twitter people that should give you enough to be able to follow anyone you want from F1 =)

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