Challenges of SOA / Comparison of SOA and traditional apps

Challenges of SOA / Comparison of SOA and traditional apps

Traditional enterprise applications present themselves as islands of data, automation and security. Integration is needed because of the nature of existing enterprise apps.

Islands of Data

  • Each island has its own definition of enterprise objects and information
  • Each Island has information that overlaps with that of other islands, causing data integrity issues
  • No single island can provide a complete picture of the enterprise objects or information
  • Creating a unified view of the enterprise requires integrating information from multiple sources

Islands of Automation

  • Each island focuses on a limited set of activities
  • This causes duplicate functionality across islands
  • Changes need to be coordinated between multiple applications
  • Duplication of business processes

Islands of Security

  • Different locations and mechanisms for security audit trails
  • Different authentication models
  • Difficult to propagate identity across multiple applications
  • Varying privacy concerns across multiple applications

Traditional Applications

  • Built for a single purpose
  • Typically without concerns for other processes int he enterprise
  • Each has its own data-stores
  • Uses + Produces a limited set of the enterprise data
  • Implements a sub-set of the enterprise functionality
  • Has a single set of users

Design + Implementation

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