4 types of service in an SOA system

4 types of service in an SOA system.

  • Business services
  • Domain services
  • Integration services
  • Foundation / Utility services

Business Services

  • Provide high-level functionality
  • Provides abstraction of the interface
  • Provides integration of the layers below
  • Breaks the direct dependance between business processes and existing systems
  • Provides a virtual implementation
  • Provides business processes (e.g. customer profile) through groupings of related operations (e.g. search customer by email address)
  • Provides a virtual implementation of related business operations that can be utilised across multiple systems

Domain Services

  • Medium-grained functionality
  • Services specific to a business domain are re-used across multiple systems
  • Exposed outside the domain service
  • Contains domain-specific functionality / operations

Integration Services

  • Provide access and integration to existing applications
  • Expose existing applications as services
  • Involve a translation form whats available in the existing application and whats desired in the service

Foundation / Utility Services

  • Least course-grained
  • Contain domain-independant functionality (e.g security / logging)
  • Used in the construction of higher-level services


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