Chuwi hi10 pro kali linux wifi fixes

I wrote a previous post about kali on the hi10, and promised a followup on Chuwi hi10 pro kali linux wifi fixes; here it is.

The on-board wifi works out of the box in kali 2018.01 :D

Kali chuwi hi10 pro wifi fix
if you have just installed kali on the chuwi hi10 pro you dont have wifi working. to fix this you’ll need to compile it.
– If you have kernel > 4.12.1 then this driver is already part of your kernel, as of writing I’m running 4.9.18, so have to compile.

Since we dont have a working wifi connection we’ll need to grab these files on another machine and put on your flash drive:

put the flash drive back in the hi10 and copy the files to your hi10

run the following to install the deb files:

dpkg -i *.deb

unzip the rtl file
cd to the folder thats created
edit the makefile
lines 206 and 207 should br edited to read firmware/rtl8723bs…. instead of rtl8723bs…
save the make file

make install
depmod -a
modprobe r8723bs

iwconfig will now list wlan0

You can set it up as normal!

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