Css stuff

Well, I got rid of the ajax, and went on a kind of useability spree – ive made all the links the same color (except two which I am fixing now) they are all a mad yellow / gold colour, which I might change. but at least you can see all the links now.
ive also changed the boxes from square to rounded corners, at least for the main pages, I still need to change the single page layout to make it all in boxes with round corners. also ive made as many of the pages XHTML Transitional complient as possible – just click the icon at the footer of te page to see =)
some of the posts arent complient, so ill need to go through and fix them all

i also need to fix the bottom of the index page – ive never liked it, it was a cool idea at the start, but doesnt really work – ill need to think of something else – perhaps I can have the sort of sidebar thing form the news and tutorials page in there, but limited to 3 boxes, kinda like now, but instead of random categories ill have the news category, the tutoruals and then a column of random stories from the other categories =) a fair wee bit of hacking, but worth it once I get it finnished.

im gonna write a cool tutorial about marketing yourself on social networking sites after ive finnished the code on my site, itll be a round up of the three previous posts I did about social networking, and a few cool things you can do with twitter, myspace, bebo, facebook, plurk, etc – stay tuned

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