New stuff, part two

Well, I AJAXed this site,

ive now got music that doesnt get interrupted as you browse the site, it also stays on while you post comments and things like that.
so the features that ive added are:
inline loading of all pages, except external links and the RSS feed
the pictures page is broken just now, I need to fix that.

there are a few bugs, like this one

which I should fix.

it also auto scrolls to the new content, which is ok, but I might change it so that it jumps, it just makes the site seem faster though it isnt =|

not sure if searches are inline yet, so ill need to check that out, and I still need to add the google code ot the searchform, so that you get google results and I get money =)

I also added a plugin to auto generate excerpts so that I dont have to keep loging in to do it every time I make a new post, I could also do with one that gets a lead image automatically, but I dont really need that just now.

I also need some work on the about page – its rank.

so basically today I need to fix the about page, the search and that loading image bug.

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  1. jonathan

    well, i decided to take all the ajax off, cos it was merssing with too much stuff, and it was slow cos i enabled everything =| i might add it back in select areas later on, cos the comments were cool, so was the music player =)

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