Some bugfixes to my site

  1. changed social networking icons on individual story pages
  2. wrapped a div round the lead story boxes and gave it a min-height to make it play nice
  3. wrapped a div round the bottom stories and gave it a min-height to make it play nice
  4. changed the icons for the sidebar ‘more from’ and ‘recent stories’
  5. unrelated, but set the keepalive on winscp so that it stops logging me out =|
  6. changed the rss icon to a nicer one, fixed the header divs to accommodate it
  7. code cleanup
  8. fixed some of the nested divs.
  9. fixed the css for the background of the body
  10. moved the curved top and bottom code into seperate files and included them into the main code to make it easier to find stuff
  11. added the google advert code to dynamic sidebars so that I can change it form inside the control panel

I cant think of anything else that needs fixed, apart from the size of the videos, etc, but to do that I need to go through the database of all my entries.

I could aslo put in default images for the different categories so that If I dont upload an image with the post then the default one gets used.

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