Database migration finnished (for now)

well, it took a while, but I have finnished the  script that will migrate our clients database over to our new system. it didnt actually take that long to make the script, but I had to do a million and one other things at the same time, which made it seem to take forever! the site is now with another developer who is doing some attention to detail with the category listings and individual product pages – this gives me time to start the next project =) and put in some well needed upgrades to a couple of projects that I have already done.

i will need to re-run the import script once we turn off the clients site when the move is taking place – but the site is very popular and makes a lot of sales, so we need to have as little downtime as possible. infact, it would be best if we had none, but that wont happen. we will have to at least wait for dns to propagate as we move thir site to a dedicated server – we will leave the old site up while that is happening and we will put up some kind of ‘under maintenance’ page on the new one till its actually live on the net, then ill run the script and delete the maintenance page, then the client can send out 10000 emails to all the customers who have ordered from them telling them they now have a new site that will cope with the load =)

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