Day 11: narbonne to perpignan

Day 11: cycled back over the mountain this morning;
headwind all the way. about 15km.
train from narbonne to perpignan cos we slept about all day. then 15km to find a campsite.

all in all a poor day cycling.
still, only 60km till spain and 20km after that to rosas.
we should be able to do it in one go, but at this rate it will take us 2 days.
we are in a campsite just now sleeping a-la-cart. about to make chili con carne from a tin with salsa dip in it, rice and 3 litres of rose wine that cost 5 euro :)

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  1. DDB

    Sounds great fun so far!

    Going up to Dundee on Sunday, when you home?

  2. Matthew

    nice one, it’s pishing it down here has been all week. how is Knowles holding up with his ‘new’ bike?

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