Day 9: effing frenchies.

The clicky at montpellier station tried to bump us 20 euro. I got tickets from him and he didnt give me any change. so I said ‘i just gave you a 50’ you need to give me 20 euros change. he frenched at me. I repeated what I said, only louder and more scottish. I also growled. he surrendered. and started to count his money. that took him ten minutes. and he gave me my change right as our train was pulling away from the station. we jumped on the train that was 5 mins later (even though our ticket has a different time on it) we havent been clickied yet, touch wood. lets see what narbonne brings…

well; we got to narbonne. got a map of the route thats left down to roses. we got to the campsite next to the beach again. we also got a spot next to two french girls who liked the ‘what goes on tour, stays on tour’ in french that I learned. ill wait till later to ask to see their white bits :). pasta again for dinner. another bottle of red for €2.75.

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